Star Warfare: Year of the Iron Panther is the forth and final story written by Silent Andromeda. It serves as a sequel to The Invasion and a conclusion to the saga.


10 years have passed since Earth's destruction. A new terrorist organization has appeared, called The Iron Panther. The story begins with a terrorist bombing of a popular city during a famous festival. Military personnel are sent to investigate the origin of the bombing. While they are busy tracking down the culprits behind the bombing, the aliens from Earth return and attack cities. Now the military is juggling two enemies while a foreign ambassador rises to power through a political campaign. However, this campaign slowly turns into a third enemy for the North and South military bodies.

Main Characters and FactionsEdit

Derek Montague: A sargeant of the military and the center character.

Daniel PetersonThe new Commander in Chief. Good friend of Derek and the one who assigns the missions.

Karen Smith: An elite soldier and the younger sister of the late Alan Smith

Sullivan's GuildA faction of Andromedae-armored specialists.

51-Cygnus: A faction of Cygni soldiers. Formerly the Cygni Guards.

Perseus Squad: The very same squadron led by Miles from The Invasion.

Iron PantherThe terrorist orginazation behind all the attacks in the story.

Other CharactersEdit

Matthew: A man who had lost his family during the first terrorist attack and a survivor. Goes on to become a fast-improving soldier.

Mark AaronA veteran who is reinstated by Daniel to complete the original mission.

Jarod DawsonAnother veteran who worked by Daniel in the old days. He is reinstated by will.

Aivsht MurakThe former commander of the now defunct hellish army. His remains create a new body.


Ulirous: A well-known province. This province houses San Davíd; the first city of The Iron Panther's attacks.

Martica: A province and nationality of Daryl Devnot. His campaign takes place here.

Stellia: A second-world province. This province houses Turanlek; a small town that was attacked by the aliens.

Crifaa: A third-world province. This province houses Malzinka; the village that is closest to The Iron Panther's stronghold.

Cantoshield: A world-famous province. The North Military headquarters is located in this province, as well as Trailblazer City.


  • This is the first fanfiction to include fan-made equipment and enemies.
  • This story involves more parallels to the previous stories than any of the others.

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