This war is just a murderers' competition!

–Vincent at Andrew, The Mithril War: Chapter 4

Vincent A. Benedict (a.k.a. 6066) was a close friend of Andrew Sullivan and a main character to The Mithril War and The Invasion.

Vincent A. Benedict
Vincent challenges Andrew inside the weapons bunker
Vital statistics
Position Southern mole
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Vincent in chapter 3 of The Invasion
Vital statistics
Position Infected Southern Soldier
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

The Mithril WarEdit

Vincent was a soldier of the Northern Army and a close friend to Andrew. He would often converse with him regarding current events and the Andromedae armor design. He had secretly been hired by Wallis Tearking to undermine the Northern Army and give information to him. At one point, he had snuck into the weapons bunker and stole prototype blueprints for the Perseus armor. During an invasion of the northern primary base, Vincent had snuck into the weapons bunker once again to try to steal the Andromedae armor. However, Andrew stood in his way and they engaged in a sword battle. Vincent had won, but Andrew locked the room that contained the Andromedae armor. Vincent kicked Andrew in the chest and rendezvoused with the Southern Army. He was never heard from again when the military body had vanished.

The InvasionEdit

When Hell's Army had kidnapped the Southern Army, all soldiers were infected by a parasite. Vincent's parasite, however, was diseased and unable to kill the brain. Vincent constantly fought with the parasite over control of his body. This resulted in assault of both the aliens and the human soldiers. His parasite had created a portal to Ark Space Station and brought an army of aliens with him. Shortly after, the parasite died and Vincent was left in poor condition. He was helped to the medical bay and his helmet was removed, revealing his bloody face. He gave warnings of future threats before dying himself. During the infiltration of the Earth base, Vincent's stasis capsule was found, bearing the number 6066.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Prototype Perseus Armor

Vincent was a bit of a loud mouth. He would normally talk about Andrew's Andromedae armor at inappropriate times. During any battles, he never seemed to be present. Possibly because he couldn't kill any Southern soldiers. When the Perseus armor was distributed, he preferred to stay with the Thunder armor, due to the power it offers. Vincent was also skilled with his lightsword, the Passer. He had unbiased beliefs about the war and believed it was only "a murders' competition". Vincent murdered all soldiers who were catching onto his schemes and would burn the face to leave their bodies difficult to identify.

Actions of Operation: ThunderstrikeEdit

  • Throwing a flash grenade to Andrew's position (chapter 1)
  • Telling the Southerners at their base to evacuate (chapter 2)
  • Revealing the Northern base's low defenses (chapter 3)
  • The murder of Alan Smith (chapter 3)
  • The murder of Kent and George (chapter 4)
  • Informing the Southern Army of the Northern Army's advance (chapter 4)
  • Attempt to rob the main North base of the Andromedae armor (chapter 4/failed)

Weapons, Armor, and BackpacksEdit

  • (The Mithril War): Passer, a flash grenade, Thunder Armor, ECO-03-VI
  • (The Invasion): White Drill, Plasma Neo, R700-AA, LIT07, Chaos Armor, DRACULA


  • The Invasion
  • The Mithril War
  • Year of the Iron Panther (Mentioned only)


  • The mission to undermine the Northern Army was named "Operation: Thunderstrike" by Wallis Tearking. This is a reference to a former Thunder clan.
  • Vincent's character is an allusion to Undead.exe:
    • Both are known for using the Thunder Armor and the Passer
    • Vincent's interest in Andrew's design of the Andromedae Armor mirrors Undead.exe's interest in the game mechanics behind Star Warfare
  • In chapter 7 of The Invasion, Andrew had seen Vincent for the first time in 7 years. However, Andrew didn't recognize him. This could be due to the fact that Vincent was pale, covered in blood, and the fact that there was a dead alien attatched to his head.
  • The A. in Vincent's name stands for Arnold. Rearrange to Benedict Arnold, who was an Colonial general during the American Revolutionary War. Benedict is infamous for switching sides to the British.
  • Vincent is the reason Lair has so much blood and dead aliens. When he escaped to UBW, he slaughtered many  aliens by shooting, crushing, and ripping them apart.
  • A little known fact is that Vincent is an avid rock climber. In-story events suggest that this habit may have persisted even after he was infected with a leech.

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