Humanity is an incredibly tenacious species: they survived the atomic bomb, the second ice age, five world wars and the destruction of their planet.

Yet…humanity is also an incredibly self-destructive species: they brought about the atomic bomb, the second ice age, five world wars and the destruction of their planet. All because of their insatiable drive to rule everything with technology and weapons – including themselves.

10 years A.C. – “After Colonization” – on a new planet: Earth is now but a distant memory of the past, and Earthen history has been all but lost. Humanity had forgotten much of their military technology in their long interstellar sleep, and the catastrophic crash onto the face of this barren planet had all but reduced them to helpless scavengers on the land.

And yet, because of their tenacity, they survived. Humanity rebuilt itself at a startling pace – some by rebuilding their technology equally as fast, while others quickly adapted and learnt to live off the land. It would have likely only been a matter of time before humanity tried to conquer itself again – but then the nightmare began. Inexplicably drawn to thriving humans, they scuttled, slithered and buzzed towards any and all major colonies and began rending flesh from bone.

Thus, humanity was once again distracted: they again had a bigger threat than themselves, and technology was once again fostered to defend themselves for the next 200 years.

Humanity was an outcast on Earth, and it was also an outcast here. Luckily for humanity, it’s always the outcasts who prove to be the most dangerous.

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