Note: this blog isn't a fanfic.

While my inner author is still AWOL, my inner designer and coder still seems to be alive and kicking. I'll be creating a few sub-blogs to this one, where each one will allow you to navigate through multi-paged fanfics in slightly different ways.

Let me know which ones you prefer, or if you have any feedback on any of them. I may look at learning javascript later, which might let me do a few more things with these.

Update: with some of these interfaces, I might be able to allow different people to see different things with the use of personal CSS (e.g. different users may be able to position the "Floating Buttons" on different parts of the page for their own liking). Any ideas you have, throw them my way -- I can't guarantee that I can do them, but I can certainly give it a shot.

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