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    January 27, 2015 by TwoPointZero

    Warning: Profanity and sexual themes may be present.

    Rated PG13-R.

    The loud, peircing howl of the night wind sent shivers running up and down my back, causing me to tremble. But I trembled not of cold, but of fear. The darkness that surrounded me engulfed me in a sea of black that set my vision on fire, burning away the very essence of my soul. The silence that came afterwards was unbearable. It felt like a thousand screams slowly fading away in the darkness, then reappearing, only to yet again shriek. I was alone, in the desolate world. I was striving for hope. I knew I was doomed for oblivion. I ran. I ran into the darkness. I ran into my fears. I ran towards my death. Yet death did not hold on. Death had lost its grip on me. And I found m…

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