Recently discovered on the planet U-BZ48, is a very very rare brown mineral substance. Little is known about this and is believed to be guarded by the Serpent. When other people heard about this unique mineral, many attempted to go fight the serpent and get the Brown mithril, which is believed to give stability, and other great stuff. Unfortunately, many have died including a couple of atom and thunder guys.  Ever since the invasion grew worst and worst each day, the team needed backup.  Cygni Troops were on planet Earth and had no reports of alien attackers, but that is soon about to change.  A unique substance is a must have for the alien species, and the only hope to stop them is the "SWUST" - The Star Warfare United Space Troopers, which consist of the high ranked Cygni's, Perseus, and Phoenix teams. 

They are our highly trained troops ready to fight, they are our best, this is the MITHRIL WARFARE.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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