The year is 2576. Humanity has recently moved to UBW-594244 after Earth becoming uninhabitable.  The planet's most valued mineral, Mithril, has been discovered. The uses of Mithril are countless, covering transportation, insulation, architecture, and even weaponry. Such a valued mineral has caused an uproar of chaos and violence due to greed. The North and South UBW military bodies were established to protect mithril mining operations and to use Mithril for good of the people. The Northern prime minister established the Maruna Doctrine, which states that any Mithril mined in a certain province may not be exported or brought elsewhere. Commander Wallis Tearking of the South UBW military, however, claims to have a vision of a better future. In direct defiance of the doctrine, Commander Tearking has declared civil war on the military body in the north. Regiments from both parties have moved near UBW-594244's equator to engage on the battlefront.

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