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  • Silent Andromeda

    The last image Sardec saw before closing his eyes was the dark caves of planet Hellus. He opened his eyes again and found himself in complete darkness. He realized he wasn't feeling the security of his Magma armor. He felt cold, naked, and afraid. He heard a door creaking open, with a bright light coming through. A shadowed figure approached and its face flickered like a broken television. 

    The dark room was then filled with light and the shadowed figure now appeared as a woman in a doctor's coat. Sardec rubbed his eyes and his vision cleared up, seeing himself in a bed and hooked up to several medical machines.

    "My my. Sleeping Beauty is finally awake!" said the doctor.

    "What? What is this? What happened?"

    "Please relax, Mr. Julian Sardec and…

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  • Silent Andromeda

    Sardec and the remainder of the scouting squad returned to Mining Site Delta, where Kellogg and the rest of the UNCC regime awaited. Upon arrival, they saw a lack of hostiles and casualty corpses piled up. The base was now clear.

    "Julian Sardec! Glad to see you made it in one piece! How do you feel?"

    "Very tired and bruised up, Kellogg. I don't think I can take this planet much longer."

    "Don't pass out on me just yet. We have one more mission, then we're getting out of here. We've gathered intel from this base and learned the coordinates of a mining factory. This place supplies all of the tools the Kartinava are using. The surface of Hellus has proved to be a territory so hostile, it's no wonder why the Kartinava would use the Diathel to hide…

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  • Silent Andromeda

    The entrance panel was lifted and a 20-man UNCC squad marched inside the mine, their weapons ready. The mine was eerily quiet. A warm, musty fog flowed through the dark mine, preventing efficient use of their flashlights. The squad examined the various corpses scattered amongst the floor, of both human and Diathel. 

    "This place looks dead." One soldier said.

    "I-I-I Think we should leave. You know, get back to Kellogg!" Exclaimed another.

    A third, tougher soldier rebuked the two. "Sardec! Aren't you going to tell these children to stay focused?"

    Sardec did not respond. He walked slowly towards the Diathel corpses, in a trance-like state. He slowly placed his hands on the Knight helmet of a fallen Diathel.

    "Sir! Don't! Those things bleed lava, re…

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  • Silent Andromeda

    Over the night, the UNCC units slept while small groups would take shifts on watch. Kellogg as amongst the last group. 

    "Sleeping hours are over! Normally I would say 'rise and shine', but it's just as dark out there as when we first got here. The next point of interest is only a few east kilometers from here. In case the next place proves too tough to handle, we will need this place to fall back on. 50 people. I want 50 people to remain here. This mine is large and will need that many guards."

    There was a rise of debate amongst the crowd. Kellogg could hardly hear himself think.

    "That's enough! I know we haven't lost any men yet, but we've been lucky. We need to start taking careful steps. If we have no backup plan, we are all screwed. 50 pe…

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  • Silent Andromeda

    The light flashed before the eyes of the UNCC units. One moment they saw the night time surface of UBW, the next moment they found themselves in a dark rocky terrain. The sky was a dark gray ruled by dense storm clouds. The ground was dark enough to barely see where they were standing. Atmospheric readings showed heavy concentrations of carbon dioxide. Kellogg was the first to assess the situation.

    "Snowden! Where did you send us?"

    "Planet Hellus, sir. My team and I set coordinates to the closest enemy outpost while far enough to stay off of their radar."

    "How far are we from their nearest base?"

    "The nearest base is a mine 10 kilometers north, sir."

    Kellogg raised his voice.

    "Alright everyone, we have 10 kilometers of land to cover before we si…

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