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    There was a brief flash of light and a minor stinging sensation. Sardec found himself right where he departed from UBW-594244. Sardec climbed up the tallest hill to scout out the area and saw the area was completely abandoned. He accessed the features of his HUD and activated a distress signal on a UNCC channel. Sardec sat down to admire the scenery. A clear night sky casted itself over the empty canyon. UBW-594244's moon shone over, causing the rocks to glisten. Sardec took the moment to remove his helmet and take in a deep breath. He exhaled and saw the warm moisture of his breath contrast with the cold air. 

    A faint sound was heard coming from the ground as Sardec felt a light rumble. He stood up and sighed of relief, believing it to be …

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  • Silent Andromeda

    Hellfire: Chapter 20

    February 21, 2018 by Silent Andromeda

    With enough Crawmite tissue, copies of the super virus were created and stored in small capsules. Sardec and Mark stored the copies in their backpacks and left the base to find Murak's private quarters on Earth's surface. As they traveled through the dense fog, a small blurry laser shone through above them.

    "Get down!" Mark whispered loudly as he grabbed Sardec and dropped to the ground.

    "What? What's wrong?"

    "Shhhh!" Mark whispered.

    "What?" Sardec said quietly.

    Mark pointed towards the laser.

    "Sniper. Keep your head down."

    Mark pushed Sardec's face down to the ground and waited for the laser to move away from them. At that moment. he saw a second laser moving around.

    "Two of them." He said.

    "We'll have to flank them. Sardec, you head for the one o…

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  • Silent Andromeda

    Hellfire: Chapter 19

    December 15, 2017 by Silent Andromeda

    Dawn had come and an orange hue lit up the sky, while heavy fog surrounded the ground. Mark stood by the window of the abandoned building campsite. His three Panthers stood by his side. He knelt down and pet them.

    "This isn't going to be easy, boys. I hope your noses are still working, because the rest of us aren't going to see very well. Time to wake up our new friend."

    Mark walked over to Sardec, who was sleeping by Molly the Rhino's belly.

    "Rise and shine, son!" he said as he nudged Sardec's shoulder.

    Sardec flinched violently with a quick yelp, waking up Molly as a result.

    "Relax! You're safe with me. This war has really shaken you up." Mark reached out his hand.

    "Oh, right. Right. Sorry." Sardec grabbed Mark's hand and pulled himself up.


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  • Silent Andromeda

    Sardec's head was in raging pain as he slowly came to. His blurry vision cleared and found himself unarmored, tied to a chair, and saw a man pointing a gun at him.

    "What are you?"

    "What's going on here?"

    "Answer me! What are you?"

    "What do you mean? I'm human!"

    "You don't look all too human with those metal parts on your face. You sure aren't one of Murak's people, but I don't consider trespassing to be very friendly either. Are you one of their crazy experiments? Have they finally made human drones without their manual control!?"

    "No, no! My name is Sardec! I'm from the UNCC!"

    "'Sardec'? 'UNCC'? What the Hell are you talking about? Besides, Sardec doesn't sound like a human name."

    "I was never given a human name. You can call me Julian if you wan…

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  • Silent Andromeda

    Hellfire: Chapter 17

    September 2, 2017 by Silent Andromeda

    One moment Sardec stood in an open canyon. After a moment of feeling a sting, his next sight was a dark cavern with blue emergency lights placed amongst the floor. He frantically looked around himself, seeing none of his peers alongside him. His breathing became more intense as he scampered about the room. He backed himself into a dark corner and slid down against the wall. As he sat down, he tried to calm himself by slowing his breathing. He stood in unknown territory and found himself too cautious to even think aloud.

    Once he steadied his breath, Sardec accessed his built-in scanner protocol. He soon found out that he was not alone. His scan detected egg sacs attached to the ceiling, seeping a thick yellow mucus that was falling to the gr…

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