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  • Retinatizer415

    Zhokalor's Profile

    September 9, 2014 by Retinatizer415

    My character, Zhokalor, has his own blog now! Go check him out!

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  • Retinatizer415

    Why not make your own fan fiction (that way you ensure no changes are made whatsoever as well conveying your own version of the game's [and subsequently your character's] story events).

    As you may see, this is a wiki for fan fictions, meaning that all information must pertain to a certain story. As much as I would like to see this character featured on here, if he is not from a current or a soon to be released story, then it cannot be allowed to take place as a full-fledged page. Perhaps try making it into a blog page first to save the data until you make a story or someone else includes him/it.

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  • Retinatizer415

    First, I try to make my profile known on any wiki I can :)

    Second, I have no idea about what Zhokalor's story is going to be :I. So far we have to wait about someone putting him into someone else's Fan Fiction soon.

    Third, thanks for letting me know about that character page! I'll improve this one as much as I can

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  • Retinatizer415

    First off, nice seeing you in the fan fiction wiki. :)

    Second, are you going to write a story about Zhokalor eventually?

    I recommend you take a quick look at the other character pages ( such as this one ) so you can familiarize with the "standard" writing formats of character pages if possible. :)

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  • Retinatizer415


    September 7, 2014 by Retinatizer415

    Welcome, reader, to the official profile of Zhokalor, owned by Retinatizer415. Not much can be said up here, so let's get right to the Retiniah General's backstory.

    This is the backstory of how my guy, Zhokalor, has came to UBW-594244. This is also just in case if someone stumbles upon my profile and wants to make a Fan Fiction that includes me. If you do, tell me in my Message Wall BEFORE putting Zhokalor in there, and tell me what the Fan Fiction is about. I'll most likely reply yes.

    ~Backstory Beginning...~

    Zhokalor is an alien that has the ability to mimic other peoples voices and has advanced knowledge of all the weapons in the universe. His birthplace is in a galaxy called Cygnus Alphami on the planet Archadia. Zhokalor's appearance res…

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