It all started with communication.  NASA finally made contact with interstellar beings.  The beings intercepted the contact, and discovered it's place of origin.  Now they're headed here.  And we only have two years until they arrive.

We don't know what they will do when they arrive, but we must be ready.  That is a must.  So scientists created the Prototype Class, a group of elite soldiers from the best militaries around the Earth.  Using these elite soldiers, they put them in suits that made them virtually invincible.  They will be our defense.  They will protect us.

To practice for what might come, Dr. Cunningham, a famous scientist, injected a super-serum into insects, arthropods and baby mammals to create deadly creatures.  From a Wasp he created the Black Mayfly, from a newborn baby Tiger he made the Stalker, from a young slug he made the Plasma Slug, from an already-mutated Praying Mantis he made the Digger, from a newborn Bullhe made the Mambull, from a Scorpion with an attached tail he made the Tacorlion, and from a bottle of acid and a Brown Recluse spider came the Green Lady.  Each Prototype would go through stages with these creatures in them, acting as the beings.  Once the Prototype destroyed all of the creatures, it would repeat the process, albeit it got more difficult.

If a Prototype has finished all ten stages of fighting the creatures, it would then go into the Illusion Lab.  In the Illusion Lab, Prototypes would essentialy play a game against other Prototypes.  Much like Laser Tag, they would fire at each other and try to destroy each other.  They wouldn't die though; if they lost all their health, they would feel a light shock on them as a punishment for dying.  This was by far the Prototype's favorite thing to do in their spare time.

So we humans thought we were all set for what the interstellar beings would bring.  But we weren't.  In fact, we weren't even close.

-------------------------------END OF PROLOGUE------------------------------------

Chapter 1 is out now!  Read here!

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