• PegasusMan

    November 16th, 2030

    Having Atomutan has helped out majorly in the trainng techniques.  That suit is very over powered.  When connected to a sniper rifle, the suit grants extra power to the laser weapon.  Using that technique, June has finished the first part of her training, which is to defeat ten levels of Creatures that Dr. Cunningham has created.  Now she's in the Illusion Lab, her favorite place to "play" in her free time.  She's not alone though; Ben McCary and I have defeated the Creatures and moved on with her.

    Ben and I also have our own suits.  Ben's suit was originally called W-Thunderus.  He renamed it "Thunder."  My suit, an advanced one, was originally called S-Perstu.  I renamed it "Perseus."

    In the Illusion Lab, there are curre…

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  • PegasusMan

    March 3rd, 2030

    Six o'clock, ET (Eastern Time)

    "Hup!  Hup!" Captain Yakuze yelled at my troop.  "Keep going!  Keep going, men!"  He started to clap to encourage us.  Then he stopped and pulled me over.

    "Jatson,"  Cap. Yazuke exclaimed at me.  "We need to talk."

    "Sure, Captain,"  I responded.  "When?"

    "After warm-ups if you're free.  Major Roads doesn't need you?"

    "I don't believe so.  Last time I needed to go to him was sometime last month."

    Cap. Yakuze patted my back.  "Good.  I don't want to see you there anymore, understood?"

    I nod my head.  "Yes, Captain."

    I did my usual warm-up with my troop, Troop #101.  I'm a Sergeant First Class leader.  Sergeant Jatson Timothy King is my name, but my friends call me Jat for short.  I'm not a perfect soldie…

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  • PegasusMan

    The Journey: Prologue

    April 17, 2015 by PegasusMan

    It all started with communication.  NASA finally made contact with interstellar beings.  The beings intercepted the contact, and discovered it's place of origin.  Now they're headed here.  And we only have two years until they arrive.

    We don't know what they will do when they arrive, but we must be ready.  That is a must.  So scientists created the Prototype Class, a group of elite soldiers from the best militaries around the Earth.  Using these elite soldiers, they put them in suits that made them virtually invincible.  They will be our defense.  They will protect us.

    To practice for what might come, Dr. Cunningham, a famous scientist, injected a super-serum into insects, arthropods and baby mammals to create deadly creatures.  From a Wasp …

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