Chapter One-The Begining

The aliens were falling back fast.They were the least of the problems.Our soldiers got the elite Thunderstrike units.The soldiers were the problem.I can't stand leaders fighting over teritory.People are seperating into clans.The aliens are getting stronger and no one is noticing.Unbelivable...

Back in the HQ,morning,a cold breeze swirls across the complex.High ranked officials are already up.Breakfast will be served soon.Bacon,bacon and more bacon,Hmm,why can't we just eat Siegfries for once.Flames was rushing down the corridor.

Flames:Undead,I am acepted into the Thunderstrikers.

Undead:Good job.No wonder you were born fast,you will need that speed.

The loudspeaker shouted: "ATTENTION!All soldiers report to the primary baracks.Situation code red,I repeat,situation code red" .

We went to the baracks-I was placed with the Thunderstrike units.I was soon apointed to my new squad: Undead,the leader,RisingFlames and me,the main operatives,Trooper and Dragon were also memebers.

The loudspeaker shouted again: "All soldiers,the aliens are moving in with the help of the DoubleRages elite force.You will intercept them and eliminate them".

We were then deployed...


We jumped on the ground,running,trying to suprise the aliens.The Railgun Syndicate team took out the rhinos and we pulled out our machine guns to finnish off the plasma slugs.But we were decived.Dragon shouted: "Behind us!". A grooup of Panthers were charging.We switched to our Windblades and started slashing.Meanwhile,the 901st SS squad got into trouble-scorpions attacked with a rain of arrows.Miles Jagdtanker,their leader,did some briliant sniping and then started to use the Windblade.

Me:Miles,take care of these Panthers,while we take are of the Scorpions.

Miles:Got you.You go round the back and quickdraw the scorpions!

He and the 901st SS swifly ran towards us.We quickdrawed,killing everything in our path with the Thunder Ability,while the 901st SS slashed the panthers.We won this area,and we are moving to the Ildregado Valley to stop the enemy from reaching Black Dawn,a vital mithril mine and refinary.

Undead:Ok,King and Flames,you go take up the hill

Trooper:What about me?

Undead:Trooper,you will go with Dragon and lie behind that rock.

Dragon:Isn't that a LITTLE to close?

Undead:Don't worry,i will cover you from the side

We set up.The others soon came.I noticed some new clan tags that I didn't see before.At that time,I didn't really care a lot.Spartan was the leader of the AirStrikers.His friend,Mastermind came to me:

Mastermind:Ok,the 901st SS and us will attack direcly,you just go and draw away fire.

Me:Ok.I will radio Undead on the plan.

He went back.Moments later,I heard a terifying noise.A convoy of aliens,with Siegfireds flying around spoted us.Undead ordered us the fight.All those auras flashing around thousands of soldiers.Suddedly a large Mantis Wave hit Dragon.He fell.I ran towards him.

Dragon:Damn,where did they come from!?

Me:Are you alright?

Dragon:Yeah,but my gun is stuck

Me:Ok,give me the ammo I will use mine

We nailed the Siegfirieds and the convoy stoped.Their speedlings feel under our firepower.Suddenly,plasma balls were shot at us.More then 100 000 plasma slugs,all mutated,were shooting at us.We lost a lot of men at that bombing.The AirStrikers lost a lot of aircraft.Ultimatly,Silent Andromeda,the leader of the HQ,decied we should move to Black Dawn and fight there.And so we left,leaving our soldiers unburried.

Chapter 2-The Battle for Black Dawn Part 1

We marched in the city,hastily moving civilians in the transporters.We will move them to the sourounding hills,untill we defend the city.We esstimated that it would take 2 days for the aliens to come,giving us time to plan.

Dragon:King,where did you get that?

Me:Undead gave it to me.He had a spare,so he didn't mind

He was looking at my M-27B1.Those guns are tough,and a killer,even to serpents.

Undead:Hey squad.Seen Miles Jagdtanker around?

Trooper:He went to repair his armor,I think he is with Paladin now

Undead:Ok,you go refuel,and I will go talk to him

Paladin:Hey Undead,Miles is looking for you.

Undead:Ok,stay here,I will talk to him

Me:Hey Paladin.Nice armor

Paladin:I can say the same to you.

He had a Pegasus suit,tough and ready to kill anytime.More HP then Thunder but less power.He was holding a Nova 27 in his hand.Suddely,the loudspeaker went on:

Silent:OK people,MOVE MOVE.We need to set up the defence line.

We started to move the heavy machinery.A couple of AV cannons were placed on the outer edges of Black Dawn.The AirStrikers have set up a takeoff runway and a dock for aircraft.

At 15:00 a dust cloud was rising about 10 miles off Black Dawn.Siegfried bombers,protected by mobile Energy Fly units were closing in.Right next to the Easton Hill,Thunderstrikers Dragon and Trooper were waiting with a deadly ambush.As soon as the first wave of Energy Files passed,Speedlings and Scorpions arrived to give suport to Energy Flies.

Snipers were standing by the buildings.A ray of blue shot down 50 Energy Flies.AV guns started shooting up the Siegfrieds,while they droped bombs in return.Fire raged in the skies and in the ground...

Chapter 2-The Battle for Black Dawn Part 2

Silent:GO,GO,GO!Break the suport line.

The speedlings have came to aid the Energy Flies.Suddenly,a large explosion at Easton Hill crippled the suport line.Dragon and Trooper used Black Stars to break the enemy line.3 after 3 rockets flew towards the convoy,as the enemies were getting more desperate to escape.But a little Black Star couldn't stop the Siegfrieds,as fire raged on Dragon and Trooper.

Trooper:I think we should fall back now!

Dragon:Good idea!

The went toward the suburb of the city.Mobile ATT units were placed there,as well as AV cannons.As enemies went in,soldiers opened fire.Thousands of bullets flew across the sky,as the AV cannons took down the Siegfrieds,one by one.The aliens were loosing,when out of no where,A.C.I.D boms were released.Made out of Acid Bombers,these bombs conained highly concentrated acid to kill anything in its sight.


As our troops fell furher into the city,a terrifying roar shook Black Dawn.It was a Serpent.Those creatures are rare,and deadly.The Serpent's acid melted our guns,and our soldiers.We fell back towards dowtown Black Dawn.

Silent:Alright.If we can't defend the downdown Back Dawn,we will have no choice but to retreat.Just in case,I want to place Self Destruct charges on the factory

Chapter 3-The BloodWorms

While defending the factory of Black Dawn,a strange light lit up the sky.It was so powerfull my M-27B1 became super hot.Suddenly,20 aircraft started to shoot at the aliens.There must have been 100 000 soldiers parachuting down to the ground.The aliens were killed one by one.We didn't know what was happening.Even Silent was confused.


We were shooting everything we had.After 5 minutes,only the Serpent was standing.But not for long-the mysterious soldiers took him down. After that,a big aircraft landed.Their leader came out

Clash:Hello.My name is Clash.I am the leader of my clan,CWS.I have came here to aid you.

Silent:Good job.Has the main HQ send you here?

Clash:Hahahaha...we don't follow any HQ's orders.We go around,defeat aliens,and claim territory.

Silent:The whole planet belongs to the UBW government.You have no legal claim here!

Clash:True,but you don't have any ammo,which means I give orders around here

Silent:What are you...

Clash suddenly shot at Silents leg.We responded by pulling our triggers,but all we heard was a click


Clash:Either you let us have Black Dawn,or we kill you and take it

Silent:Troops...ah...fall back

And so we left,without ammo,with wounded,and with broken morale.

Clash:Oh and commander.Just so you know...

Silent looked a him

Clash:Over 20 clans are together in the BloodWorm union.You can't stop us.

Silent:Time will tell

And so we moved away from Black Dawn.

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