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    Let it Burn 12 years before the war

    "I sense you are troubled. Do you want to share something?"

    "No, Mr. Flagg... It's just, I want to know that what we are doing here, all of this, will be worth it in the end."

    "In the end? Nothing ever ends, Thomas. There are new beginnings. Only finite beings, aware of their own mortal existence, think in such deterministic ways trying. Do you not realize? What you are doing here is harboring a new era. What you see in front of is our creation. That power that which up to this point only the selfish gods held. It is through this avatar that we will exert our will upon reality. That will be your legacy. Is that not what you seek?"

    Across the one way mirror stands tall a sealed liquid tank in which a white hai…

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  • JEAN9999

    Town of Light While still seeking shelter within the sanctum of his mind, Rico could only find chaos and vivid illusions of a apocalyptic future. What perhaps could be labeled as visions became more of a reality within the microcosmos of the brain, his reasoning fleeting with worry and guilt, but perhaps the chaos that haunted Rico was not from within but from the outside as the interplanetary conflict grew as more people became afflicted by the demonstrations of violence. With London and the rest of England in total ruins and the rest of Earth sure to follow the collapse of human civilization, at least on the local UHA cluster seemed certain; albeit by human cause and not demonic or alien, it still ingrained the fact that ruin was ashore. …

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  • JEAN9999


    Tell me, d'Acosta, why do you still fight? How are you still alive?!

    7 years ago

    "Ahhchu! Crap!"

    Daily, without a miss, as soon as the first ray of sun hit Javier's face the morning allergies would kick in as if part of a curse brought by his mother's bloodline. Everyone of his cousins, uncles, and aunts, except for his grandma & Great Aunt Eneida, suffered from them. He pertains them jokingly to being allergic to day in general although his grandmother is certain it is a little remnant of a backfiring hex against her mother's spiritual enemy.

    "Enrique, breakfast's ready!"

    Barely able to speak, Javier goes down to the kitchen to meet his grandmother cooking. "Ahh, goddamn, what hour is it? Ahhchu!"

    "I told you not to curse your lord's nam…

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  • JEAN9999

    Family-Right or Wrong: Pt.2

    While laying in a room, Acosta talks with Vex, now owner of Infinity Defense, through a call as she is currently at the military colony of UBW. Shifting the focus of the conversation from that of strictly business to a more casual one, Vex remarks,

    "You know, you haven't called your grandmother in a while, right?"

    "I know, I should have..."

    "Well, she worries about you. She called me last week to see if I knew of you. I told her you were fine and all, but she still would like for you to pay her a visit once in a while."

    "As soon as the contract is over, I will. If not, just remind me, will you?"

    "I'll sure will. She's a charm, I'll say."

    "She sure is... I wouldn't mind some some of her scrambled eggs."

    "By the way, what…

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  • JEAN9999

    Family-Right or Wrong: Pt.1

    The casualty toll being massive on both sides, the remaining rebels are forced to pillage the bodies of the enemy soldiers that participated on the failed mission, as well on their own, for survival. Without much supplies left at the wake of lingering ruins, they are forced to take from the dead.

    Taking a tag from a decapitated corpse, a rebel looks at the other two prisoners and then asks to another as they continue defiling the remains,

    "What do we do with these two?"

    "Just kill them. Easier to just take weapons than prisoners. Remember that.", says the more pragmatic rebel.

    Frightened for his future, many thoughts race through Adam's mind as he gets put to his knees alongside his unknown comrade, not older than 19…

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