Brehenir town

Border town of Altamakhea Desert.

23 June 2597

14.56 AM

A group of cloaked figure wandering into Brehenir, the desert town. Normally, Breherian will not spend their time to talk with wanderer since tons on wanderer migrate to this city Everyday. Mostly by foot, some use their vehicles. But rarely.

Brehenir is generally known as black market hub. Smugglers and scavengers, the people who collect all precious stuffs from dead bodies, come to this town to "trade" their illegal properties. Many bather their goods in lieu of medicine, food, water and the fuel produced from purified Mithril called Cothagonia which is capable to create incredible volume of energy.

Suddenly, they meet with a group of bandits riding trucks pass them.

"Hey Jerk, will you come in my way?!" One of that bandits shout to that group of people.

But, their answer is only silent. They continue walk to one warehouse that set lonely in barren zone of this city.

"Hey, is you want to die!?" That bandits continue shout to them. He says many bad words to that group of people. But they don't reply anything back.

Finally, the anger of that bandits is over point. He attach his AK-47 and shot group of lead to one of that people.

Suddenly, something pass his cheek. He step astonishingly and touch his cheek. Blood come out from his cheek.

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