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    It's look like that I am already dissapear from this world. But finally I have come back, with enhanced skill.



    0130 BC: 'Silver selene' INFRANITE hard type battleship. Crash landed on the earth at Drengist Fjord.

    2637: 'Exodus' evacuation preparation probe send the signal back to mankind for the place that can be a new world. It's took 4 light years to go there. So, operation 'Exodus' begin.

    2649: The Exodus fleet that contain human population begin their journey from the destroyed world to the new Eden. In that journey, have some document about goods name 'EXA-7767' also contain in the evacuation ship name 'Carolina' but that ship dissapear during hyperspace journey to the new world, planet UBW-594244.

    2782: Human first step on…

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    Warning: Don't be said like 'hey this thing is not real' because this is one of my story timeline, and I not have enough time to write it because I am to busy. So, please shut up everything and look this advice first.

    Warning2: For any commentator. Please advice me in only useful advice because I not have enough time to listen to any annoyed comment, It make me pissed off. So stop

    Warning3: If you have any copywrite claim, get the piece of crap. I have my chance to write and I tried to much to credit it to you, If you have any problem, chat private. But I guess you will not like it very much.

    Warning4: this is not Inferna anymore. He give me all password and I will continue his work, I not have patience for any annoy user like him. So think b…

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    Chapter 1

    Unnamed island

    Pantagia bay

    26 December 2664

    14.00 AM

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    You can know older history of this fanfic in Star Warfare wiki-> Inferna123-> Blog-> Star Warfare: The year of lead and tear.

    This year is 2578, We are in conflict with another group of humans, mankind now separated into 4 Factions as

    1- The union of morning sunlight (Origin is America)

    2- The statue of Midnight sun (Origin is nation in Scandinavia region and Russia)

    3- El Diablo elites (South America and Mexico)

    5- Cirria stratus (Nation in EU)

    4- Snow Pirates (another nation that not relate to nation above)

    But, also we have some minority people.

    They are a group of people that their nation fall, who that got blacklists, Orphan, Outlaw people Old elite veteran and more

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    Brehenir town

    Border town of Altamakhea Desert.

    23 June 2597

    14.56 AM

    A group of cloaked figure wandering into Brehenir, the desert town. Normally, Breherian will not spend their time to talk with wanderer since tons on wanderer migrate to this city Everyday. Mostly by foot, some use their vehicles. But rarely.

    Brehenir is generally known as black market hub. Smugglers and scavengers, the people who collect all precious stuffs from dead bodies, come to this town to "trade" their illegal properties. Many bather their goods in lieu of medicine, food, water and the fuel produced from purified Mithril called Cothagonia which is capable to create incredible volume of energy.

    Suddenly, they meet with a group of bandits riding trucks pass them.

    "Hey Je…

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