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    A Galaxy Divided

    April 12, 2013 by Hunterninjacat

    It was the year 3706, and The Independent Systems of Liberty, The Shadowbeings, and The Empire of Zek'nok were at war to gain the planets of Reliton, Sherfel, Quatzism, Ferfiel, and Arkeo. These systems were set to be rich in purple mithril, a gem that provided great power, and purple mithril provides GREAT power. With the purple mithril, a single gem could power 10 starships for years. However, purple mithril was rare, and hard to mine, so unless a government was protecting your mining site, you would be vulnerable to a raid or capture. However, privately hired mercenaries got involved, and offered their services. One of the most prominent mercenary teams was the Enforcers.

    Marcus walked out into the sunlight. It was a bright day on Arkeo,…

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