"It's 3:52 PM in Earth, in NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in year 2566, which the time discovery of planet: DRT-279021, by Sean Victor, sent as astronaut in mission Betallion XVII for planet Cystargos, lasts for 10 years by our current boost spaceship" -Saowv Java, Space Commander

Ten years later, Went to his report from Sean Victor's discovery and mission of planet Cystargos. Saowv is currently as High ranked scientist in mission to a planet which, went to use mathematical prediction to discover the orb planet, Cystargos, which identified from 25th Century Ancestors.

"Respected Saowv, reporting from Syssfax Space Base, currently sending message to Sean Victor to discover the planet DRT-279021" -John Welmings Jr., Space Reporter to Planet XYM-211235 (Syssfax)

Entering to Cystargos, Sean Victor discovered an ancient-looking beautiful particle crystal. And Sean called it Mithril, as being popular and Sean, began to get all mithrils in the area.

Beginning from Discovery, Sean experience trouble, and experience massive earthquakes, and appearing aliens, and rare creatures, as Sean brought Mithrils he collected before leaving the planet, but left entirely wounded. Before went to the spaceship, the natural resources went to dark, as started to growing. Fortunately, Sean left the planet wounded, as with description and observatory details, with Cystargos' natural resources, like Mithrils.

"Left for trouble, thus letting as dark, and indestructible, but never been, as left as little dirt and dust, but went as huge nightmare, planet DRT-279021" -Sean Victor, astronaut and scientist.

But unfortunately, after 2 years Victor died of infection of wounds, which not brought the medication.

This is only the start of people's real nightmare, and the aliens departure!

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