"Mark one."

"Who's there?" A voice hissed into the night. The soldier who had been patrolling this compound for five years had never heard voices before. He gripped his AST-KK, grit his teeth, and fired a few rounds into the open grasslands. There was a quick flash, as something else fired in response. Something slammed into the side of his neck, and death came in an instant.

"Move!" There had been several other soldiers hiding in the brush, although their motives were quite different from those on patrol. Destroy the buildings and its assets as efficiently as possible.

"Units three, four, and eight, keep the explosives safe. Units one and two, come on recon with me." A fair haired man, tall and slim, called out. He was the commanding officer of the clan that had specifically been chosen, only this morning, to handle the task no other clan could. Almost half of the mission depended on the abilities of their signature armor: The Black Hole, more commonly called Shadow Armor.

Another soldier, the Sergeant, called out "Weapons check!" By one, the other units were calling out in a cadence.



The Sergeant checked his own weapons, an R700-AA, and an RPG-31, and mumbled "Check" to himself. He nodded to the commander.

"We're good, sir!"

Cooltext1558294014 22:44, May 12, 2014 (UTC)

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