Year 3001, 418 years after the initial Alien War. The human race has long derived itself from its past, a shadow of its former self. Major America or M.A as it is called is known as the inaugural rebirth of the North American region where the population of over 300 million humans are kept under tenacious control. The streets are controlled by the military, and the people are kept under a constant curfew. The citizens are subjected to the new political regime called the Nationwide Protection of the People (or the N.P.P). The aims of the N.P.P are to eliminate the threat of any impending alien invasions, ever since the 'Star Warfare' incident, and are widely regarded by the powers of the Earth, widely looked upon by countries such as Greater United (United Kingdom) and the Soviet Communists (formerly Russia). 

Major America is kept under martial law. Poverty is monotonous throughout the states and districts and the folk are plagued with the constant bombardment of military propaganda. Houses are nothing more than a single room with just enough space to cook, eat and sleep in. Education is non-existent. Children learn how to dig in preparation for their future jobs in the mines, and nothing else.  The men regularly work in these mines, gathering the idolized Mithril in preparation for War. The commoners commit crimes to break through restrained barriers of the Third World. They see it as an opportunity to quench their lustrous thirst for the freedom of the mind, something to keep them somewhat sane. The normality of conventional weaponry has been far surpassed with ultramodern futuristic armour created by the N.P.P scientists. These armours possess traits more varied and powerful than any augmented, tweaked or enhanced protection ever created. They are assigned with codenames such as Phoenix, Atom, Thunder, Draco, Cygni, Perseus, Andromedae, R.O.M.E and Pegasus. The potential they hold have the aptitude to grant the wearer incredible faculty to retaliate and defend...or as it is said.

Deep in the depths of the unknown, the scientists are working on a new armour. Named Prototype X03-BH42, it is referred to as: Project Knight...

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