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  • I live in the second dimension
  • I am not quite edible
  • BlueEnvyPride

    “C’mon Williams, get up.”

    “Move it kid, wake up now!”

    “Rise and shine fella, get the hell up!”

    Carter Williams reluctantly rises from his makeshift bed, and rises sluggishly to face the three guards surrounding him in his cramped cell. His posture is weak, and struggles to stand straight in a comfortable position. Suddenly, one of the three guards abruptly kicks him in the stomach, forcefully launching him backwards to the perimeters the metallic walls. Carter struggles to recover, and exclaims a feeble grunt of despair. One of the guards, armed in a chipped and scratched set of Viper S.W.A.T armour and fitted with a FL334AR military assault rifle (similar to the other guards), walks slowly towards the sprawled body of Carter.

    “You call that a…

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  • BlueEnvyPride

    Year 3001, 418 years after the initial Alien War. The human race has long derived itself from its past, a shadow of its former self. Major America or M.A as it is called is known as the inaugural rebirth of the North American region where the population of over 300 million humans are kept under tenacious control. The streets are controlled by the military, and the people are kept under a constant curfew. The citizens are subjected to the new political regime called the Nationwide Protection of the People (or the N.P.P). The aims of the N.P.P are to eliminate the threat of any impending alien invasions, ever since the 'Star Warfare' incident, and are widely regarded by the powers of the Earth, widely looked upon by countries such as Greater…

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