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After the defeat of Shadus, Ray Hadron, along with friends Glenn Venture, Jace Canon, and Ashe Guardia become renowned heroes. The ravaged land was quickly rebuilt, and daily life resumed. The Aparus will still nuisances, but were never a large-scale threat.

The Gems were sealed and protected inside the military base's most secure vaults, and were heavily guarded since.

For their aid in battle, the Venture clan was pardoned and their bounty was withdrawn. From then on, Starford had sworn to redeem their name as honest to goodness bounty hunters.

Canis returned to his home in the Howling Woodlands. While his name became as well-known as Ray or the others, no one learned who he really was. He currently continues to search for his sister, the only other member of his people still alive.

It wasn't much longer when Unit AE-Z retired and began to live out lives of their own.

Glenn Venture, now on good terms with his father, began to develop his sense for adventure that he'd had growing up. He would soon go on to take over for his father, leading the Venture clan on his own, continuing to build up their new reputation as bounty hunters and even aiding with disaster relief.

Jace Canon went on to receive a Ph.D in the knowledge and engineering of modern technology. He would grow to own his own corporation, designing new weapons and other technology for the military under which he once served.

Ashe Guardia in time let go of her kick-boxing past. While she never would return to compete, her fighting spirit still carried on. She worked as a self-defense instructor and a physical therapist, using her talents to help others instead of hurting them.

Ray Hadron chose to live a modest life. He gained a knack for restoring vintage vehicles, even selling services as a personal mechanic in his own workshop. He now resides in a comfortable villa on the coast, with his lovely wife, Ashe.

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