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    If it were possible to combine medieval times with those of an unimaginably distant future, the world of Gryse would be just that. Streets shone with the sheen of polished metal, with beams of bright blue neon pulsing through it in symmetrical lines. Buildings resembled chrome skyscrapers, save for stylish windows and more neon of various colors coursing through veins lining them up and down, side to side, and even in unique and uneven zig-zag patterns. Other unique structures were also present. However, the roads carried nary a vehicle. Goers traveled on foot, otherwise transportation involved flying on or riding beasts, many resembling dragons, large birds, horses, and other animal steeds. There was a large city square …

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    September 19, 2016 by AbsoluteZero12

    Dear Wikia community:

    Zero here, just wanting to say that soon I will be re-releasing Star Warfare: Gems of Time. While much of the plot and story will be the same, I mostly will be augmenting the script for grammar and spelling errors, filling plot holes, general cleanup, or changing something that makes me angry to read over. Because of this, I will be overwritting the original script and NOT releasing the changed version separately.

    If you have already read Gems of Time, feel free to reread to see these changes or refresh your memory on the story, as I will also continue writing the prequel, Star Warfare: Epoch Nightmare. As a bonus, at some point after these are finished I plan to write a special treat for you guys, Star Warfare: Gems of…

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    April 19, 1073 UBW

    "Hey!" greeted a man in a white lab coat, with the doors opening with a hiss as he walked through, and closing behind him. "How are we feeling today, Mr.…?"

    "Hadron. Though isn't it somewhere on that fancy clipboard of yours?"

    The man chuckled. "It is, but you were quicker to the punch."

    "You've seen me at least five other times. Gonna jack me up with more of that voodoo in a needle?"

    "To put it simply, uh…" he looked at his clipboard. "Ray, the injections you've been receiving are…more or less enhancement supplements. That's why we've been also had you involved in physical testing."

    Ray smirked. "When do I get the punching bag in a lab uniform?"

    "A sense of humor. I'd almost forgotten you're quite the wisecrack, …

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    A black card laid upon the kitchen table. White text written on it, reading "I never truly understood _________ until I encountered _________.". Ashe held a finger over her lips, which were curled into a light smile. Keena looked at the ten white cards in her hand. She pulled two, sliding them face-down beside the black card, and then drew two more from the white deck. Rei chuckled lightly as she followed suit. Canis frowned, staring at his own hand.

    "I'm still not certain I quite grasp the concept of this game…" He said.

    Ashe put her hand down. "Just think like a terrible person. Not that you have it in you, Canis."

    Canis raised an eyebrow. He looked back at his hand before he slid two of his own cards toward Rei's and Keen…

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    There was a violent shake. Canis, Keena, and Rei stood on the bridge with Glenn.

    "What was that?!" Glenn cried.

    A deckhand ran up, almost as if to answer him. "Sir! We just got rammed by a personal vessel!"

    "Nothing showed on radar. How, and more importantly, why would someone ran into us?"

    Screams could be heard from outside. Rei gasped in surprise.

    "That sounded like Mom! Let's go!"

    Everyone bolted toward the noise. Sure enough, they found Ray standing in front of Ashe in a protective stance. Jace had a single TII-3 Eternity in hand. They were on the port side of the deck, and was rather small. Only a few deckhands could come through without overcrowding. A figure was approaching Ray when he looked up and notic…

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