Location: Orbit of Muspel Time: 3:30 AM Population: 15,000 Corruption level: 0%

"Alright, I said, in the briefing room with my highest ranking soldiers, for all we know, this planet, Muspel, may have weapons hidden on it that the people on UBW may be able to use against us when we invade. That's why we're taking it out."

"What is your plan, my lord?" Asked my lead general, Zetus.

"Simple. Our scout drones have determined that there is only a single military base on the planet. Since they weren't part of our alien attacks, they mostly deal with warlords and bandits, thus they don't need much. Zetus, you will take out this base. Ebyon will accompany you. Afterwards, we will send down two seismic generators. These will generate an earthquake so intense it will raise a volcano within minutes. Afterwards, we will commence the Corruption."

"Sir, asked one of the lesser generals, why is this necessary? Why don't we just go straight for UBW?"

"I plan for every contingency."

"This is a waste of troops."

"You're a waste of space." In an instant, I drew my energy pistol and shot fool through the head. As he slumped over, dead, the others looked from me to the corpse.

"Anymore objections?"

"No," they replied unanimously.

"Good. Then let the invasion begin."

General Frank Adams, commander of the armed forces on Muspel.

Time: 4:30

"GET YOU BUTTS IN GEAR, YOU LAZY FOOLS, I yelled to the troops loading the supply ships, THESE SHOULD'VE BEEN ON THEIR WAY TO UBW DAYS AGO!" I swear, I was more of a baby-sitter than a general sometimes. One soldier looked up and pointed at something in the sky due South. "General, he said, trying to get my attention. Who are they?" I turned to look at where he was pointing, expecting a dropship or something. What I saw was far more surprising.

Thousands of what appeared to be men clad in a red armor I'd never seen before were floating down on jetpacks. I grabbed my binoculars from my breast pocket and looked at one. He was holding what appeared to be a white, double-barreled gun of some sort. I instantly turned to my men. "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" They immediately dropped what they were doing and started to fire at the ones who had landed. I ran to the armory, donned my Atom armor, and then ran to the coms array while attaching my STK-06-ZZ. As I reached the dorr, I yelled at the Strike armored man inside, "WARN THE TOWNS! WE'RE BEING INVADED!"

"Invaded?! Is it bandits?"

"Last time I checked, bandits didn't drop from the sky!"

"Okay, okay, I'm calling!"

All of a sudden, all the screens shut off. I could hear the automated turrets on the roof shut off. A tank driving by the window suddenly shut off dead in its tracks and slammed onto the ground, its hover-jets dead. The gunner poked his head out of the hatch, confused. The HUD in my Atom armor shut off, and I saw the lights on it and on the other soldiers armor shut off. I realized it had to have been an EMP. There was no other way every other electronic could just shut off instantaneously. "What was that?!, the soldier said.



"Electro-magnetic-pulse. It probably just fried every circuit on the planet. We're deaf and blind."

"Why does their armor work?"

I looked out the window and sure enough, their lights were still on. "Their armor must not run on electricity. Smart move."

A few seconds later, a half-dozen of those red guys burst into the room, weapons drawn. Me and the soldier had no choice but to surrender. A few seconds later, two huge men walked into the room. One had a dark grey and green armor and was holding quite a large minigun over his soldier like a rifle, like it weighed nothing. The other had some dark purple armor with blue lines all over it, he was holding a matching sword that was pointed straight at me. I'm 6'6 myself. Purple was only a few inches taller than me, probably about 6'10. Green was at least 7'0. The reds were around my height, maybe 2-3 inches taller. At last, green spoke. "Hello, he said in a low voice, my name is Zetus. This is my associate Ebyon", he said, tipping his head to purple. Ebyon nodded at me.

"He doesn't talk much, huh?"


"Mind explaining yourselves?"

"I'll leave that to our leader." Instantly, the reds moved to the side in two lines, and Zetus and Ebyon stood slightly in front of them. A few seconds later, in walked the most massive being I've ever seen. If Zetus was 7'0, this guy had to be at least 9-10 feet tall. He dwarfed them. It was clear to me that this being was not human He was much too tall and muscular; his chest must've been wider than me. He was wearing a black and blue armor, almost devoid of color. The blue lights were just about the only light on him; the armor was so dark, it seemed to suck in the light from the room. Stranger still, unlike the others, he wore no back pack. He did however, have a long, black-blue rifle strapped to his back. He looked down at me and talked in a low, rough voice.

"Hello, General."

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