UBW is the planet in which the game's events take place. It is also the setting of many fanfics regarding Star Warfare. For information regarding the planet in game please check UBW-594244 in the Star Warfare wiki

In The InvasionEdit

UBW-594244 was discovered by astromoner Charles Manthackis from planet Earth. He informed the public that it has characteristics similar to Earth's and was possibly inhabitable. Humans took off in space cruisers several years later and didn't reach the planet about 298 years later. When humans settled on the planet, Mithril was discovered. This mineral is said to be tougher than Earth diamond and has many purposes. Due to its high value, greed led to separation and civil war. Two military bodies were formed on the planet's axises and were locked in a war. However, the southern body mysteriously vanished and the northern body was left to face an alien invasion alone. The light from Earth's destruction became visible in the night sky one month later, which gives you an idea of human travel rate (given fuel scarcity). This light was named the Genesis Nebula.

In Rise of the 901stEdit

UBW-594244 was one of many planets discovered in the 23rd century during the Colony Boom, and due to the advancement of human technology, space travel to the planet was possible in mere days. 

Like other colonies in the Solar System and UBW System, 594244 was viewed as prime estate by the nations in the United Human Alliance.  However, only the three wealthiest countries could afford to establish cities on the planet; the Russian Federation, the French Republic, and the United States of America.

Military defenses on the planet were bolstered when Mihrilium was discovered in abundance.  UBW-594244 was relatively unscathed during the UHA Civil War, as the vast majority of Russian, French, and American colonists on the planet were loyal Alliance citizens.

UBW-594244 would not escape the beginning of the the Alien War, with several of the extraterrestrial attacks beginning on the planet's surface.  The military responded at the Battle of the Great Plains and the subsequent conflict at the Battle of New Paris, the former of which was a disaster and the latter a successful defensive operation.

After the initial battles, the Alliance resolved to upgrade their military hardware, run extensive simulations on Titan, and mobilize a massive army complete with tanks and special operations forces at the backbone.

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