Star Warfare: The Mithril War  is a story written by Silent Andromeda that depicts the civil war between the North and South military bodies 7 years before the events in The Invasion.


The problems with Mithril distribution has caused a civil war between the North and South UBW military bodies. Strange events occur during the Northern Army's descent into Southern territorry. The Southern Army always seems to know all of the Northern Army's progress and future plans, resulting in severe problems.

Main Characters and FactionsEdit

Andrew SullivanCenter character of the story. He designs the Andromedae armor in secrecy during resting time. Wears Draco, Perseus, and Andromedae armor.

Vincent A. BenedictMain character and a close friend of Andrew. Wore Thunder armor.

Alan SmithMain character and a close friend of Andrew. Originally lead a squad of snipers and was the only survivor of a mission. Wore Atom and Phoenix armor.

Staff Sergeant: An unnamed Staff Sergeant who would normally give assignments. Wore Pegasus armor.

Johnathan Franklin: The Commander of the Northern army and Andrew's predecessor.

Wallis Tearking: The Commander of the Southern army.

Northern ArmyThe body of Northern soldiers who fought alongside Andrew.

Southern ArmyThe story's opposing entity. Many Southern soldiers are seen in the story but none of them are ever named nor is their armor ever identified.

Other Characters and FactionsEdit

James: A corporal who worked with Andrew in Chapter 1. When the flash grenade exploded, James was killed while blinded.

George: A Northern soldier who had first brought up the idea of a traitor among the Northern Army.

Kent: A Northern soldier who was a friend of George and denied his conspiracy of a traitor.

Koji: An engineer who constructed the Andromedae armor for Andrew.

Cygni Guards: Four Cygni-armored soldiers who assist Andrew in a couple of missions. They later on become his personal guards in The Invasion

"Them": The alien invaders who appear shortly after the failed peace negotiations.


Home Base: This was the main base of the Northern military body. This place is heavily guarded with towers and automatic defense systems. This base also has a large weapons bunker, which is where the Andromedae armor was produced.

Other Base: The base where the advancing Northern army was temporarily stationed. Was located on a flatground area.

Enemy Base: A small square base of the Southern Army. Had a couple of sentry towers and was abandoned when the Southerners learned of the future Northern raid.

Flat Field: The battlefield of Chapter 1. This was a flatground field populated by tall grass.

Southern UBW: The territories in the Southern hemisphere of UBW-594244. Places seen were destroyed, as part of a scorched earth tactic by the Southern Army.


  • Though not mentioned, John Franklin retired from the military and Andrew had then taken his place.
  • This story is similar to the events of the American Civil War between the Union (the North) and the Confederacy (the South).

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