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Star Warfare: The Invasion is a story written by Silent Andromeda that depicts the alien invasion of UBW-594244. Sort of like a novelization of the game.


Humans travel to UBW-594244 due to Earth losing its resources. Humans discovered Mithril underneath the planet's surface and wars broke out over greed. The northern and southern military bases are established and face war. The southern military vanishes and the northern military faces the alien threat. Three survivors of an attack become full time soldiers and help repell the invasion and learn its roots.

Main Characters and FactionsEdit

Mark Aaron: Survivor of an attack and one of the three main characters. Wears Viper, Fortune, Titan, and Atom armor.

Daniel Peterson: Survivor of an attack and leader of the three main characters. Wears Hydra, Strike, Thunder, and Pegasus armor.

Jarod DawsonSurvivor of an attack and one of the three main characters. Wears Viper, Fortune, Strike, and Draco armor.

The Commander: The leader of northern military operations who assigns the three main characters their missions throughout the story. Wears Andromedae armor.

Perseus Squad: A squadron of soldiers specialized in close to long range combat. 

Phoenix TeamTrio of top fighters. Though skilled, they can get cocky. Among them are Mike, Scott, and Doug.

Cygni Guards: Personal guards of the Commander. Super fast and great with explosives.

KartinavaThe southern UBW army infected by a destructive parasitic alien race. All wear Chaos armor. 

"Them"Alien creatures invading human territory. They are actually clones of mutated Earth animals who are under the influence of Hell's Army, serving as living mithril caches.

Other Characters and FactionsEdit

Mining Team: A team of miners who were present during an alien ambush. All but Mark, Daniel, and Jarod were killed. Among them were Dave (wore Viper armor), Butch (wore Titan armor), Wheaton (wore Viper armor), and Cosely (wore Titan armor).

Front Line soldiers: Two soldiers who fought at the Front Lines. Also present during the Stadium Arcadium mission. Wore Tank and Thunder armor.

Energy Core team: Soldiers who attempted to secure the Energy Core but needed assistance. Among them were William (wore Strike armor. Killed by an Acid Bomber), Eddie (wore Titan and Draco armor. Killed by Serpent), and an unnamed soldier with Hydra armor.

SEAL Team Atom: A team of soldiers who fought at the Lair. All wore Atom and considered Mark as an honorary member.

Training Base soldiers: Soldiers who were attacked at the Training Base. Known soldiers are a Viper-armored man (committed suicide by letting a Rhino kill him), and a Draco-armored soldier (helped round up panicked soldiers).

Space Station soldiers: Soldiers seen fighting at Ark Space Station during an invasion. Known soldiers are a couple sucked into the vacuum of space, one holding a Ge09X, and a soldier wearing prototype Dec.24 armor.


F.H. Cavern: The Fire in the Hole level, this cavern was discovered by during an explosives test and was used as a Mithril mine. When the alien creatures invaded, all operations at this mine were shut down and the cavern was sealed from the surface.

Ark: The Space Station level. This military base is the working place of Commander Sullivan and holds base to many operations such as surveillance, biology, and equipment engineering.

Training Base: A northern military base on the surface of UBW-594244. This base is specialized in helping inexperienced soldiers become mean fighters. This base also covers the PvP levels in the game, which in the story, are courses that modify all weapons brought to become stun guns. When the aliens invaded, the Training Base became contaminated with toxins and the Commander had ordered a quarantine until further notice.

Front Line: One of the first locations of the alien attacks. This was once a small transportion base with a couple of buildings, but was abandoned due to a heavy concentration of hostiles.

Energy Core: A powerhouse in an unknown location, the Energy Core holds a mysterious power that can destroy all alien life when the central generator is powered. The only exception are the parasites of Hell's Army.

Stadium Arcadium: Located in Trailblazer City, this public location was subject to an alien infestation. Civilians were evacuated by the Phoenix Team while the Perseus Squad handled the alien hostiles. This place was where Serpent was stationed to monitor close-range portal activity.

Lair: Located in uncharted territory. This canyon was the main area of portal activity. A large beacon tower was stationed in the center and teleported aliens from their home planet.

EarthThe abandoned birth planet of the human race. While humans were gone, plantation began to grow and the animals were mutated from human pollution. Though the atmosphere was purified from the plant and fungal growth, the animals do not evolve and the changes are permanent. Earth had a dominant race again when the mysterious brain parasites began industrializing its resources.

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