Freeman, Diane, everyone focus!

–Evan shouting at his team, Year of the Iron Panther: Chapter 6

Sullivan's Guild is a squad of Andromedae-clad soldiers in Year of the Iron Panther.

Sullivan's Guild
Military Faction
Goal To assist in any mission possible
Core base Northern Military
Status All but 1 alive
Info Header 2
Leader Evan
Armor Andromedae


Shortly after Andrew Sullivan's death, officials found the blueprints for the Andromedae armor in his office. Andrew's design was mass-produced and made available to everyone. Along the lines, Sullivan's Guild was formed, named after the man who designed the armor. Sullivan's Guild assists in special missions, mainly dealing with counter-terrorism. They assisted in escorting Ark Space Station to safety on UBW's surface, fighting off aliens invading at Turanlek, and spying on all suspicious activity in Crifaa. However, the Iron Panther had captured them and brought them to their base, where they were imprisoned. One of the members, Diane, was chosen to be in an experiment involving Golden Mithril, which resulted in her deformity. As a mutant, Diane had assaulted Northern soldiers and had to be killed. The remaining Andromedae soldiers had captured the incapacitated core members of the Iron Panther.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Sullivan's Guild were a mixture of skills. Some remained professional and patient while others were more arrogant and wreckless. However, they would never leave a mission until it was accomplished.


Evan: The squad leader. He believes in a strong team atmosphere, but often has trouble enforcing it onto his own members. Safety is his priority and wears the H.F-V-03 so his team can heal.

Diane: The team's best fighter. Playful and very childish, but knows how to slaughter groups of enemies. Her mind is a bit unstable and would jump through emotions. Others would often catch her talking to her own JIN.JINGLE backpack, as the human-like design of the backpack was used by her brain as a placeholder for an imaginary friend. Wearing JIN.JINGLE, Diane benefits the most from all the team bonuses of the whole squad. Her favorite weapons are those that are most chaotic, such as the Windblade and BLACK STARS.

Demitri: A member who puts efficiency at the top of his priority list. He prefers to get the job done fast and can get a little pessimistic if things do not go as planned. He wears STK.F-VI-00 to add extra power to get the job done fast.

Victor: A member who values endurance. He wears VISNU to maximize his permanent endurace, as well as add extra endurace for his team.

Freeman: Nicknamed after the XO28-FREEDOM he wears. He is very patient and values the infinite ammo he receives. His favorite weapons are machine guns.

Chad: Wears the TRI-O-AVATAR. He likes to go straight into the fray (sometimes alongside Diane) and activate the backpack's ability, while still benefiting from the team backpacks of his team mates.

Ashleigh: Prefers extra speed to counter the Andromedae's heaviness. She wears F.L.O.A.T and will enjoy joyrides from its ability, combined with the speed boost from the Andromedae ability. She has a tomboy personality and is a little irritable.


  • Sullivan's Guild and the traits of its members are based on the defunct clan, The Andromeda Galaxy [also known as (TAG)]. Evan is very much like Silent Andromeda, who formed the squad in hopes of having efficient fighters, but instead got mostly impatient and undisciplined members.
  • The personalities of the members are based on the various playstyles that Silent Andromeda would use, such as devastation style (Diane), speedy style (Ashleigh), and team style (Evan).
  • Chad isn't mentioned by name in the story.

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