The Southern Military is one of the main military bodies of UBW-594244, stationed on the planet's southern hemisphere.

Southern Military
Military Force
Goal Retain order among the Southerners
Core base South UBW
Status Reconstructed
Info Header 2
Current leader Unknown
Armor Varied


As a result of the discovery of Mithril, greed and violence broke out. The Southern Military was established to control Mithril-related operations, such as trade and mining. Its operations also include offense/defense, surveillance, biology, and engineering.

The Mithril WarEdit

When the Maruna Doctrine was established, not everyone respected its rule, especially commander Wallis Tearking. He declared civil war against the Northern military body over control of Mithril distribution. Both armies traveled to the equator to face off in battle. During the war, Wallis had bribed a Nothern soldier to undermine of the Northern Army. The Southern Army had the upper hand most of the time, but their opposing force was very enduring. Their mole was exposed and peace negotiations were arranged. Wallis, however, was unhappy with the Northerners' proposal and wanted to ensure he got his way. Shortly after, the war had come to a halt when the Southern Military mysteriously vanished. The military force was never re-built due to superstitious theories on their dissappearance.

The InvasionEdit

At this point, the Southern Army no longer belonged to UBW. They were taken silently by parasitic aliens and became Hell's Army. During the Mithril War, their mole had stolen prototype blueprints for the Perseus armor. When they were all infected, the aliens finished the armor while adding their own creative ideas, resulting in the Chaos armor. However, the Southern Army had little activity in The Invasion. They mostly were stationed on Earth, building their army from the Mithril the Earthling clones delivered. When the human Northern soldiers infiltrated the Earth base, many Chaos guards fought against them and reported to their leader, Aivsht Murak. Their cloning operations were cut off, and their weapons were stolen from them. Murak engaged with the humans in battle and lost, but set Earth to self-destruct as one last attempt to kill them. They escaped, and the mystery behind the Southern Army's vanishing was explained. The Southern Military was re-established and created an alliance with the North.

Past LeadersEdit

  • Wallis Tearking

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