The Phoenixes are just guys who have been around longer than any of us. I don't understand why they gotta be so competitive and cocky about it.

–Daniel to Mark, The Invasion: Chapter 3

The Phoenix Team was a small team of elite soldiers in The Invasion.

Phoenix team
Military Faction
Goal Show cadets how to fight the real way
Core base Northern Military
Status Defunct
Leader Doug O'Neal
Armor Phoenix


The Phoenix Team was formed through the mutual beliefs about fighting aggressive and taking a dominant stance against new recruits. The Phoenix Team would be assigned missions that require special skill and abilities. Known missions were to evacuate civilians at Stadium Arcadium, extinguishing aliens at the Lair, and learning the secrets of the true force behind the invasion. During the infiltration of the Earth base, all three came across a nest of sleeping parasites. The parasites were awakened and infected all members, putting an end to their lives and destroying their faction. The infected Phoenix Team burst out of the sealed nest and engaged with the main power trio in hand-to-hand combat. The infected Phoenixes triumphed, not taking note of Mark grabbing a LIT07 and shooting all of them through the heads.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Phoenix Team were specialized at all forms of combat. They had great sense of timing and aim, but their arrogance led to others becoming angry at them. They would take orders, but not execute them entirely as intended, soley for the thrill of danger. When the parasites infected them, their armor began glowing red with an orange outline.


Infected Phoenix-Team

Infected Phoenix Team (much thanks to Undead.exe for helping with this photo)

  • Doug O'Neal: The team's leader. The most logical of the three, though would still engage in reckless activity. His arrogance did not equal to the other two's.
  • Mike Mckenzie: Mike was the most enthusiastic of the three. He enjoyed entering PvP training matches and wrecking all progress.
  • Scott Marson: Known for pressuring others to perform crazy tricks.

Armor, Backpacks, and WeaponsEdit

  • All: Phoenix
  • Doug: TRI-O-AVATAR, NOVA27, R100-RAILGUN, Windblade
  • Mike: STK-06-ZZ, Trinity, R100-RAILGUN, Windblade
  • Scott: TOUCH-AND-GO, NOVA27, Windblade


  • The behavior of the Phoenix Team is based heavily on the typical behavior of PvP players with endgame armor—egotistical, aggressive, and wreckless.
  • Though not specifically stated, the reason the Phoenixes were evacuating civilians at Stadium Arcadium was to look like clean heros while the Perseus Squad did the dirty work at the stadium's bottom.
  • The mission at Stadium Arcadium originally involved all three wearing FLOAT bags and watching Mark kill Serpent alone.

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