The Northern Military is one of the main military bodies of UBW-594244, stationed on the planet's northern hemisphere.

Northern Military
Military Force
Goal Protect all on UBW-594244
Core base North UBW
Status Operational
Info Header 2
Current leader Unknown
Armor Varied


When Mithril was discovered, greed and violence broke out. In order to protect the people, the Northern Military was established. Its operations include secured mining of Mithril, offense/defense, surveillance, biology, and engineering.

The Mithril WarEdit

The prime minister of the northern provice had established the Maruna Doctrine, which states that any Mithril found in an area stays in that area. However, disagreements of this doctrine led to a civil war over control of Mithril distribution. The Northern Army was dispatched near the planet's equator to face the Southern Army in battle. A large base was established for temporary use and the Northern Army was seemingly at a disadvantage most of the time. With the exposure of the traitor, the Southern Army had lost its upper hand. When the Southern Military body vanished, strange creatures began to appear. The Northern Army was forced to face them alone.

The InvasionEdit

During the events of The Invasion, the Northern Military was the only known force fighting for humanity in the human/alien war. Several on-world locations had been infested and became abandoned until further notice. During the war, alien samples were brought to the military's off-world base, Ark, for study. Development of equipment, as well as surveillance operations and biological studying were held at this base. After the end of the human/alien war, the Southern Military body was reconstructed and formed an alliance with the North.

Past LeadersEdit

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