Dave, this better be a joke! And I hope you got better ones, becau...

–Mark to Dave, The Invasion: Chapter 1

Mark Aaron is a main protagonist of The Invasion.

Mark Aaron
Mark Atombetter
Mark in his Atom armor
Vital statistics
Position Main character
Age Unknown
Status Living a low-profile life outside the military
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

The InvasionEdit

Mark was a part of a mining team working at F.H. Cavern (Fire in the Hole level). During an alien ambush, Mark sent a distress beacon to Ark. He was a survivor of the attack, along with Daniel and Jarod. He became a full-time soldier after the incident and formed a trio team with survivor Daniel and Jarod. He was present for nearly every important battle and mission, including the infiltration of a secret alien base. Since the human/alien war, Mark had left the military to live a low-profile life.

Year of the Iron Panther

Mark had left the military due to hearing disturbing cryptic messages after using the organic laser cannons severed from Aivsht Murak. These messages had repeated in his head every day since he first heard them. He left the military and seeked therapy, in the case it was just post tramuatic stress disorder. However, council did not work for him and felt unsettled for his days. One day, General Peterson knocked on Mark's front door. After seeing his visitor, Mark shut the door and attempted to commit suicide. Daniel stopped Mark from hanging himself and Mark fell into tears. Mark was desperate to make the pains of the past go away. Daniel had informed Mark of the current events and how Murak's laser cannons are still intact. Mark agreed to help Daniel defeat the Iron Panther in hopes that it would bring him closure. He reunited with Jarod Dawson and set off to Crifaa, where they battled an alien hive and the Iron Panther's sentries. The reunited trio then sabatoged their alien cloning machines and incapacited three key terrorists. Soon after they received a distress call from Derek Montague, informing that Murak is alive and reformed. They followed Murak into the room containing weapons of mass destruction. After an intense battle, Murak was defeated and the weapons were secured. This brought closure to Mark and he returned to his personal life. Though it was over, Mark continued therapy in order to help move on, and had made huge improvements in his well-being.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Mark often had the tendency of jumping right into things, such as joining SEAL Team Atom in a fight and exposing himself to search for a sniper. The first experience at F.H. Cavern made him a little more paranoid than usual. During missions, he put himself in the most danger and would often almost get himself hurt. He prefers to take orders rather than give them. Of his trio team, he was the more quiet one.

Weapons, Armor, and BackpacksEdit

  • Mark's previous setups.
  • Mark's previous setups.
  • Mark's previous setups.
  • In chapter 1, Viper armor, VB-03-II, and used the FR28a.
  • In chapters 2-4, Fortune armor, KP-101-X, and used the MS06.
  • In chapters 5-7, Titan armor, TT-05-b, and used the MCP76 and Black Disk.
  • In chapters 8-12, Atom armor, H.F-V-03, and used the NOVA27 and M-27B1.
  • In chapter 12, he stole a LIT07 from a Chaos guard and used two of Murak's Laser Cannon appendages for dual arm cannons.


  • The Invasion
  • Year of the Iron Panther


  • Mark was meant to be the central character, but it was instead decided to include Daniel and Jarod as well.

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