You need us to do the dirty work.

–Aivsht Murak to the Commander, The Invasion: Chapter 12

The Kartinava is the name of the alien species that formed Hell's Army;  the antagonistic force behind The Invasion.

Hell's Army
Military Force
Goal Destroy all humans on UBW-594244
Core base Earth
Status Defunct
Info Header 2
Leader Aivsht Murak
Armor Chaos


The Kartinava are small slithering aliens. They travel from planet to planet to destroy the dominant race of organisms. They came across an abandoned Earth and claimed the planet as their own. They took full advantage of its new supply of resources to create a military force. They traveled to UBW-594244 and silently kidnapped and infected the entire south UBW military body, placing a sudden stop in the northern/southern civil war. They captured several mutated Earth animals and placed them in cloning chambers. The clones were wired to obey the aliens, to which they were used to scout for mithril on UBW-594244. Hell's Army used the mithril brought by the clones for weaponry and transportation, preparing to wipe out the rest of the humans. All of Hell's Army was wiped out after Murak set Earth to self-destruct. All that remains of their presence is the tower at the Lair, 6066's corpse and weapons, and Murak's severed laser appendages.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Kartinava had the ability to create portals. Having natural teleportation knowledge, they constructed a large beacon tower in an uncharted sector of UBW's surface. They posses intelligence equal to humans and know multiple languages. Their mandibles are powerful enough to burrow through metal, given they're only seven inches in length. The parasites had infected the southern UBW military during the development of imitation Perseus armor. The aliens finished the armor while adding their own ideas, resulting in the Chaos armor. They infect by burrowing through the host's skull, excreting purple poison to kill the brain, then latching on to control the nervous system and preserve vital organs.

Armor, Backpacks, and WeaponsEdit

Chaos armor, Dracula, White Drill, LIT07, Plasma Neo, R700-AA, and Crab.

Known IndividualsEdit

  • Aivsht Murak: The leader of Hell's Army. Infected the southern Commander's body and had the ability to grow and elongate appendages and absorb weapons to copy. His Chaos armor was black, unlike the others.
  • 6066: An escapee of the Earth base. He was a southern soldier who hadn't been killed by his parasite, as it was weakened by an alien disease. Constantly fought with the parasite over control of his body, which resulted in assault of both humans and animal clones. His armor bore the serial number 6066.
  • Serpent: A single parasite that grew in size due to mithril experimentation. Was sent to UBW's surface to serve as an overseer of close-range portal transportation. Unlike the normal parasites, Serpent's tail had swelled at the far end and he grew many spikes.


  • The characteristic of the parasites being 7 inches long is an allusion to a direct translation of Serpent's name in the Chinese version of Star Warfare (7 Inches).
  • 6066 was originally intended to be a mercenary of the North UBW Military. Original characteristics were that he only took orders from the Commander, could stand still for hours, and never eats or sleeps. No one but the Commander had the courage to approach him. Very similar to Paladin's character, but not an allusion to him.
  • The traits and behavior of the parasites is based heavily on the infected marines of N.O.V.A. 1. The parasites in the game would would infect humans on the chest and take over their bodies. These enemies spoke a strange language that sounds like gibberish.

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