Looks like this thing will need a few minutes before it's fully powered up.

–Jarod reading the generator console, The Invasion: Chapter 4

Jarod Dawson is a main protagonist of The Invasion.

Jarod Dawson
Jarod Draco
Jarod in his Draco armor
Vital statistics
Position Main character
Age Unknown
Status Engineer outside of the military
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

The InvasionEdit

Jarod was a part of the mining team at F.H. Cavern. During the alien ambush, he hid alongside Daniel from the hostiles. After Mark sent a distress beacon to Ark, the three of them escaped the cavern. He became a full-time soldier and formed a trio team with Mark and Daniel. Since the human/alien war, Jarod has left the military to study engineering at Trailblazer University.

Year of the Iron PantherEdit

Right after graduating from Trailblazer University, Daniel pays a visit, pleading to return in the line of duty. After some persuasion, Jarod consents to returning. The reunited trio sets off to invade the Iron Panther's base, arresting the terrorists, and securing the weapons of mass destruction. Afterwards, Jarod managed to land a career in engineering outside of the military (through Daniel's assistance, as promised).

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Jarod was the tech guy. He would often handle machinery when given the chance. This may be how he knew to activate an emergency air lock at Ark during an alien attack. Jarod had obtained a certificate in engineering after 10 years of studying at Trailblazer University. The exact field of engineering is unknown, but is presumably related to mechanics.

Armor, Backpacks, and WeaponsEdit

  • Jarod's previous setups.
  • Jarod's previous setups.Go to Jarod's previous setups.
  • Jarod's previous setups.Go to Jarod's previous setups.
  • In chapter 1, Viper armor, VB-03-II, and used the FR28a.
  • In chapters 2-4, Fortune armor, KP-101-X, and used the MS06.
  • In chapters 5-7, Strike armor, SAM-005-I, and used the TB10-LW and Black Disk.
  • In chapters 8-12, Draco armor, HYD-OO-IX, and used the R100-RAILGUN and NOVA27.
  • In chapter 12, he stole a LIT07 from a Chaos guard.


  • The Invasion


  • Jarod was named after Yin Jarrod of Freyr Games.

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