We are the physical representations of vengeance.

–A transmission by Neil Setán, Year of the Iron Panther: Chapter 3

The Iron Panther is a terrorist organization formed by ex-marines of the Northern Military. They are the primary antagonists of Year of the Iron Panther.

Iron Panther
Terrorist organization
Goal To finish the work Hell's Army started
Core base Crifaa
Status Defunct, all core members captured
Info Header 2
Leader Neil Setán
Armor Varied


The four core members were once northern soldiers serving in the alien/human war. During an attack on Ark Space Station, Neil and his team were sucked out into the vaccum of space. At the time, they all were wearing F.L.O.A.T bags and managed to lessen their injuries when they landed on UBW-594244's surface. They landed in a remote area in the continent of Crifaa. When they sent distress signals from their suits, no one responded (possibly because they were busy with the alien invasion). Without aid, Neil, Christian, William, and Ali were forced to survive in the middle of nowhere with small animals as their only food supply. They struggled to get food and find temporary shelter. They eventually found civilization and began to recover faster. Neil however, did not wish to return to the military and was greatly angered that he and his comrades were left to die. He convinced his comrades to side with him and they founded the Iron Panther. Soon after building their resources and people, they found alien escapees from Ark Space Station and took them into captivity, where they altered their genetics to obey them and not their original mission by the Kartinava. They began cloning them and sent them to attack civilians, soon after their first attack on San Davíd. When military spies were sent to Crifaa, an Iron Panther associate soon found them and took them as hostages. They were imprisoned and tortured. Using technology from Daryl Devnot's campaign, they were able to construct geothermal pistons to use as weapons of mass destruction. Their plans were soon foiled as the north military had invaded on their home base. The founding terrorists were incapacitated, but their mission was succeeded by a rebirthed Aivsht Murak. When Murak was defeated, the pistons were destroyed beyond repair, ending the Iron Panther's terror once and for all.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Iron Panther was made of skilled and intelligent people. Neil especially was hellbent on eradicating the world of neglectful and selfish people to the point of nearly ending all of humanity. One of their members was able to infultrate the political system and become a powerful figure, which was all a plan to gather massive resources. Much of their technology and tactics reflect those used by Hell's Army. In addition to collecting remaining alien specimens, they were able to also capture creatures native to UBW-594244. Using the remains of Murak, they were also able to biologically engineer artificial creatures called Syri-Peds.


Neil Setán: The primary leader of the Iron Panther. Angered by his experiences in the wild, Neil wanted to exact revenge on the north military for abandoning him.

Ali Muher: A co-founder and one of Neil's original military team. Ali liked to interact with the prisoners of their base and oversee tourture sessions.

Christian Mekano: Another core member. Christian shared Ali's work and often covered for him in torturing.

William Durmung: The foruth core member. William was the messenger, bringing good and bad news to Neil directly.

Daryl Devnot: A man who joined the organization. Possessing knowledge in politics, Daryl was trusted to become an ambassador of the Martica reigon and soon become their chancellor. The purpose of this was to gather thechnology and resources to create weapons of mass destruction, as well as fooling the public that it's all for a noble cause.

Charles Benedict: A native of Crifaa. Charles is the cousin of the late Vincent Benedict, whose mental sanity deteriorated after learning of his death. Having nothing to lose, Charles joined the Iron Panther and was their public scout.

Vinny: The San Davíd bomber. Described as a man in a trench coat and a fedora, Vinny had detonated the bombs that began the Iron Panther's reign, while also taking his own life in the process. His surname is unknown.

Armor, Weapons, and BackpacksEdit

The artilery that the Iron Panther varied and were all stolen equipment. However the equipment used specifically in the story are as followed:

Neil Setán: Chaos, White Drill, Black Disk, Dracula

Ali Muher: Perseus, Trinity, TRI-O-AVATAR

Christian Mekano: Phoenix, Trinity, TRI-O-AVATAR

William Durmung: Cygni, Trinity, TRI-O-AVATAR

Daryl Devnot: Hybrid armor, Morpheus, JIN.JINGLE


  • The Iron Panther and its members are based heavily on the [DSX] clan.
  • Setán is an allusion to the name Satan (the Devil), which suggests that Neil is a kind of devil. This evidence is supported by his use of the Chaos armor, as well as efforts to complete the work of Hell's Army.
  • The equipment that Daryl Devnot uses is the power hybrid prior to the Halloween update of 2013. 
  • When Neil battles Derek, he uses the White Drill and Black Disk simultaneously. This instance is an allusion to the infamous combos of Star Warfare.

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