Ugh! Such obnoxious pigs, those guys are!

–Daniel angry at the Phoenix Team, The Invasion: Chapter 3

Daniel Peterson is the leader of the main trio of The Invasion.

Daniel Peterson
Daniel Pegasus
Daniel in his Pegasus armor
Vital statistics
Position Main character
Age Unknown
Status Alive, retired
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

The InvasionEdit

Daniel was the overseer of the mining team at F.H. Cavern. He hid from the aliens during an ambush and met up with Jarod. Shortly after Mark sent a distress beacon, they escaped the alien grasp and made it safely to Ark. He became a full-time soldier after the incident and became the leader of the trio team. He led his team for nearly every battle they were present in.

Year of the Iron PantherEdit

Since the human/alien war, Daniel has remained in the military and has become their commanding general: a position similar to that of Andrew Sullivan. He is a friend of protagonist Derek and would assign most of his missions. Once the war was nearing its close, Daniel assisted in the missions and reunites with his former military co-workers. They defeat the Iron Panther and secure their weapons of mass destruction. Daniel eventually leaves the military presumably about 7 years afterwards into retirement.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Daniel is the leader-type of person. He doesn't prefer to take orders from anyone but the Commander.  The attack seemed to desensitize him from devestation. He has the shortest fuse of the three and was the most vocal. His F.L.O.A.T could be turned off or on, to which he used to taunt enemies for his immunity to ground hazards.

Armor, Backpacks, and WeaponsEdit

  • Daniel's previous setups.
  • Daniel's previous setups.
  • Daniel's previous setups.
  • In chapter 1, Hydra armor, SP-11-V, and used the FR43C.
  • In chapters 2-4, Strike armor, TT-05-b, and used the FL334AR.
  • In chapters 5-7, Thunder armor, STK-06-ZZ, and used the NOVA27 and Black Disk.
  • In chapters 8-12, Pegasus armor, F.L.O.A.T, and used the Trinity and Morpheus.
  • In chapter 12, he stole the Crab from a Chaos guard.


  • The Invasion
  • Year if the Iron Panther

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