Cease your senseless arguing! You're getting nowhere with that attitude!

–Sullivan at Mark and Daniel, The Invasion: Chapter 5

Andrew 'Meta' Sullivan was the commander of Northern Military operations and a main character to both The Mithril War and The Invasion.

Andrew Sullivan
The Commander at Siegfried's pit after the dragon's death
Vital statistics
Position The Commander
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 6 feet, 2 inches
Weight Unknown

Early LifeEdit

Sullivan was a full-time soldier in the North UBW Military during the civil war with the South UBW Military. He fought alongside two close friends and designed the Andromedae armor during resting time. Waiting for an important battle on the front lines, his regiment was surprised to see that the enemy had not shown up. All contact with the South UBW Military had been lost and strange alien creatures began appearing, devestating their bases. He led the regiment during the battle, then began improving his leadership skills. He was promoted to the Commander of the military and was appointed four security guards.

The InvasionEdit

In the actual story, Sullivan was based at Ark Space Station and would assign missions to the soldiers. During the Training Base fiasco, he ordered the sector to be quarantined until further notice. When Ark was under attack, he began fighting for the first time since the Mithril War. When the Lair was located, he traveled with soldiers to oversee the mission. He went inside the portal to Earth alongside his guards, the main trio, and the Phoenix Team. They discovered the station of the leader of Hell's Army, Aivsht Murak. Sullivan threatened him with death, to which Murak responded by striking his chest with a sharp alien appendage. Sullivan authorized the trio to use his weapons before succumbing to his chest wound.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

  • Andrew's Draco setup
  • Andrew prepares to fight Vincent in the weapons bunker

Sullivan was a very outgoing soldier during the Mithril War. When the Southern Army vanished, he changed his attitude to expect the unexpected. Though in a high position of power, he was down-to-earth when talking to his soldiers. When he began fighting again, he was reminded of his old days as a soldier. He is described to be taller than other soldiers.

Armor, Backpacks, and Weapons (The Invasion)Edit

  • In chapters 1-7, he wore only a military outfit. This outfit had many badges.
  • In chapter 7, Andromedae armor, VISNU, Laser Cannon, and Energy Glove.
  • He also had a Black Disk stored in his VISNU, but never used it.

Armor, Backpacks, and Weapons (The Mithril War)Edit

  • In chapters 1-3, Draco armor, STK-06-ZZ, TB10-LW.
  • In chapters 3-4, Perseus armor, HYD-00-IX, TB10-LW, RPG-31, and Windblade.
  • In chapters 4-5, Andromedae armor, VISNU, Laser Cannon, and Energy Glove.


  • The Invasion
  • The Mithril War
  • Year of the Iron Panther (Seen by memorial statue)


  • Andrew's name is word play for the word Andromeda, which is an allusion to Silent Andromeda. Rearrange the order to "Sullivan Andrew Meta" then try saying the full name really fast. Sully starts with S, as does Silent.
  • "Meta" was a nickname given to Andrew by his friends. This nickname was given based on his insane combat skills. (This mirrors the Meta from Red Vs. Blue, who was an insane fighter, seemingly impossible to defeat.)
  • Andrew named the Andromedae armor after his favorite star, Alpha Andromedae.
  • Andrew Sullivan is not a reference to the existing British author.

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