Gentlemen, spread out!

–Alan at Andrew and Vincent, The Mithril War: Chapter 3

Alan Smith was a friend of Andrew Sullivan and Vincent Benedict and a main character to The Mithril War.

Alan Smith
Alan Smith in his Atom armor
Vital statistics
Position Sergeant
Age 24
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height unknown
Weight Unknown


Alan was a respected Sergeant and the leader of his own squadron of Atom fighters. During the Mithril civil war, Alan and his squad were assigned to take out sentries during the raid on an enemy base. The enemy knew, however, and there was much devastation. Alan saved his fellow Northern soldiers from crazed enemy soldiers, but at the cost of his whole squadron. The next day, he was awarded Phoenix armor for his performance. During the Southern invasion on the Northern base, Alan had run into the middle of the scene and vanished. After the helicopter explosion, he was found lying under a pile of rubble. During conversations with Andrew Sullivan, Alan had picked up the idea of a traitor and voiced his concerns during a briefing. Later that night, he was brutally murdered and his body was set ablaze.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Alan in Phoenix armor

Alan was not the type to start a conversation. When approached, he would give short and simple answers. He valued honor, courage, and commitment, to the point where he would risk his life. He gave insight to Andrew about expecting the unexpected during their short conversations. He would often take smoke breaks during the night and considered quitting the night of his assassination. As a fighter, Alan was very skilled with his laser-based weapons.

Weapons, Armor, and BackpacksEdit

  • NOVA27, R100-RAILGUN, Atom armor, STK-06-ZZ (chapter 2)
  • Phoenix armor (chapter 3)


  • The Mithril War
  • Year of the Iron Panther (Mentioned only)


  • Alan Smith is an allusion to AbsoluteZero12:
    • Both are skilled with long-range combat and laser-based weapons.
    • Both are key Atom fighters.
  • Alan was awarded the Phoenix armor for surviving the attack in chapter 2, an allusion to the Phoenix bird.
  • In chapter 3, he also rises from a pile of rubble (similar to a Phoenix rising from the ashes).

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