I am Aivsht Murak. I see you have encountered my children.

–Murak greeting the Commander, The Invasion: Chapter 12

Aivsht Murak was the herder of the destructive race of intelligent parasites and the primary antagonist of The Invasion.

Aivsht Murak
Murak in the Earth palace
Vital statistics
Position The Commander of Hell's Army
Age 510 years
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 7 feet (normal)

12 feet (mutated)

Weight Unknown


Aivsht Murak traveled with the other parasites to the abandoned planet Earth. They appreciated the planet's stage of self-cleansing and put its renewed resources to work. They successfully built a large alien military complex underground with an abandoned palace as an entrance—this was Murak's station. Having natural knowledge of teleportation, the parasites constructed teleporters to quickly travel to other planets. They soon learned of the current home of humanity and Murak ordered an invasion of the nearest human military body, placing a sudden stop in the human civil war. Each parasite had infected one human soldier. Murak had infected the Southern Army's leader, Wallis Tearking. Having human bodies, performing certain tasks became easier for the parasites.

The InvasionEdit

Along with kidnapping humans, the parasites had also discovered Mithril—a powerful mineral capable of acomplishing anything. Murak saw this as an opportunity to enhance their resources and put an end to all human life. The aliens captured several mutated animals of Earth and created biologically-altered clones of them. These clones were wired to scout UBW-594244 for Mithril and destroy all in their path. The army of bio-weapons brought back much Mithril for them, placing them closer to finishing the goal. Eventually, a team of Northern UBW soldiers had infiltrated the alien base. Several Chaos guards notified Murak of the human intruders, and Murak ordered a search-and-destroy operation. However, most of the human soldiers survived and reached Murak's quarters. Murak expressed his amusement in their courage and strength. However, The Commander was not willing to have a full-blown conversation and threatened Murak with death. Murak laughed and several appendages grew from his back, one of which stabbed Andrew in the chest, ending his life. In seconds, the remaining human soldiers engaged in battle. Murak showed a great battle, but was ultimately incapacitated. In a final effort, Murak had set the connections to the planet's core to disrupt its natural cycles. The remaining humans escaped, leaving Murak and his whole faction to perish, along with the planet they tried to save.

Year of the Iron PantherEdit

After two laser cannons were sliced off by Jarod, Murak's spirit remained alive in these two cannons, which had not decayed. When Mark used the cannons, Murak fed him remarks of discouragement. These organic laser cannons had been kept in separate containers and were used for studies in the North Military. However, their properties were never fully comprehended. However, the military had held onto these cannons in hopes of engineering new technology in the future. During an attack on the North Military base, the organic cannons were stolen and brought to the base of the Iron Panther, where they were released from their containers and kept close to each other. The cannons were used to engineer artificial creatures called Syri-Peds. Shortly after, the cannons had formed a physical bond and slowly began recreating the body of Murak. When Derek had incapacitated Neil Setán, the cannons had finished regeneration and the new Murak had chased Derek down a maze of metal corridors. After giving up his pursuit, Murak had created a portal to travel to the Panther's engine room, where core energy pistons were being operated. Murak had taken control of the pistons and set them to destroy UBW's core, as he once did on Earth. However, North Military soldiers had intervened and Murak was distracted. He had opened portals that connected to his home planet and summoned alien hostiles to distract the human soldiers. However, this failed and Murak had to finish them off manually. His efforts failed as he was weakened and pushed into fire exhaust of the pistons, burning to a crisp.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Murak had a strong hatred for humanity. His logic behind that was that they didn't show full gratitude for Earth's resources and didn't give it a fair chance. His attitude was very sociopathic, and took drastic measures to get the job done. Murak knew many languages, both alien and human. His voice had a deep and threatening tone. When he spoke, it sounded as if two voices, one mid and one throaty, were speaking at the same time. Though controlling a human host, Murak had the uncanny ability to alter its figure, such as growing large tentacles and growing in size. He may have been telepathic, as he could lift objects without even touching them. He demonstrated this by taking the Laser Cannon and absorbing it into his chest and taking its ability. Four organic Laser Cannons grew as tentacles from his back. He also absorbed rocket launchers and formed holes on his chest that fired rockets.

The PlanEdit

  • Establish convenient transfer ports on Earth and UBW-594244.
  • Create clones of mutated Earth animals to find and bring Mithril, while destroying all in their path.
  • Use Mithril to enhance all technology.
  • Exterminate the entire human population.

Armor, Backpacks, and WeaponsEdit

  • Chaos armor, Dracula, claws, sharp tentacles, organic Laser Cannons.


  • The Invasion
  • Year of the Iron Panther


  • Murak's armor and backpack were black in color.
  • Murak is the only known parasite with the ability to shapeshift.
  • The black White Drill in the photo is non-canon.
  • Murak shows many parallels to the antagonist of the Bionicle series—the Makuta
    • Both are strange creatures lurking in the shadows.
    • Both posses deep, sinister, voices.
    • Both are shapeshifters.

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