Hey guys,

I've been designing a couple of different ways of displaying multi-chapter fanfics over in Experimental Interfaces. If you're an avid reader and/or have any spare time, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at some of the interfaces and leave feedback on whether they're easy to use, and especially on ways in which they're difficult to use or could be improved upon.

Longer term goal is to turn some of the better ones into templates that writers can easily integrate with their own fanfics. If any of the designs are particularly striking, feel free to use them on other wikis (this wiki's sorta running under a CC license anyway).

Note 1: Please post here if you're unable to post any comments under blogs -- there's a chance that some of the javascript I've installed is actually jamming the commenting functions (I can't be sure right now because I've been subjecting my computer to some pretty heavy work in the last few minutes).