Hey guys,

I saw some discussion about whether this wiki should get a wordmark of its own, and I'm trialling something I've just uploaded.

I haven't used the same style Huds used for the original wiki because the wordmark has to be 250x65 pixels. The SW minigun logo eats up a lot of room if I want it looking good, and making it any smaller reduces it to a bit of a blur for my liking. The lettering I used here was modelled after the "Alien Invasion" letters in the minigun logo.

Truth be told, my own opinion about the current one is a bit mixed: it's looking a bit better than the first few attempts I've tried, but my eyes have gone a bit numb over the last half an hour (my first attempts seemed too dark, then the next few seemed too bright, pixelated, or otherwise plain hard to look at).

Let me know what you think please: I can revert it back to plain text if people prefer that one.