Hey all, I hope you've all been well -- or at least, that's what I would've liked to say if not for the reason I needed to make this post.

I've recently noticed a few users coming here for the sole purpose of appealing bans incurred on the original SW wiki. While I understand that users will want to appeal bans that they feel are unfair, I will need to ask that you consider doing so via Community Central rather than here:

This wiki was set up specifically to focus on fan fiction written by SW authors, and allowing this place to become an appeal ground for bans from the other wiki would significantly detract from the focus on authors' works. This wiki may indeed have strong ties to the other one, particularly having been set up and maintained by members from the original wiki -- but I ask that you do not bring disputes and issues over here, and respect that this place is actually for the writers and readers.

Please also be aware that I am not here to discuss disputes or events on the original SW wiki -- as much as I sympathise with the frustration of conflicts, I am acting as someone who wishes to maintain this place's purpose as distinctly for fan fiction readers and writers, and that involves setting appropriate boundaries where necessary.